PLG | eh Canadian story

Pierre-Luc Gagnon has been around since vert's heyday and has nailed some of the heaviest hammers on a half pipe....and he's Canadian. Nobody parties like vert skaters.

Ryan Decenzo | eh Canadian story

How did Ryan Decenzo go from humble Canadian maple syrup and pine cone farmer in the Yukon to internationally recognized pro skateboarder? Only one way to find out. Dwindle salutes you Ryan!

Daewon Song, Ryan Decenzo, and Zack Wallin in X Games Real Street 2016

Almost, Darkstar, and enjoi are being represented in this years X Games Reel Street. Check them out below and vote for your favorite! 

eh canadian story

TJ Rogers, Micky Papa, Morgan Smith, Ryan Decenzo, PLG, and Chris Haslam all have 2 things in common. They rip and they are all from our northern neighbor, the great white north, CANADA! They can't sing or draw very well... but they're Canadians and we support them!


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