Michael Sommer Video Part - Almost World Report "Oslo"

Almost World Report is a view into the extended Almost family around the world. Kicking off this new series of video parts is Norway's smooth operator with style for miles Michael Sommer with this VX part filmed entirely in his home town of OSLO.

enjoi big blue enjoe brook guest pro model

legendary thrasher photographer joe brook is known for his “big blue” van tours. some of the most epic stories and memories have emerged from this van. Here’s a clip the man behind the wheel and the van that brought everyone together. enjoe big blue

Andale Wheelie Dope 2017 Finals Recap

The 4th Annual Andale Wheelie Dope Contest went down at the West LA Courthouse with our elite top 3: Sewa, John Dilo, and Shmatty taking home the top spots. Great vibes, great contest, and great skating.

Blind Skateboards FORDAYS Video

Blind just dropped a heavy video on Thrasher Mag today. FORDAYS features the whole team with everything from transition to tech, these guys rip! 

enjoi Panda Patrol: Episode 1. Deedz

enjoi just released the first episode of "panda patrol" on thrasher! ... Deedz has a full part with a crazy ender and the whole team makes an appearance in the montage at the beginning. This episode is packed with good times, good dudes, and good skating!  

Youness Amrani "Up Against The Wall" part for Almost Skateboards on Thrasher

Just hit the play button, sit back, relax, and repeat. Youness came through with another heavy part or Almost...