Skatecation 2018 | Dwindle Distributor Flow

Dwindle Distribution 2nd Annual Skatecation has a whole new crew of Global Distributor flow riders. Distributors from around the world sent in footage of their flow team to be hand selected for a trip of a lifetime. 5 skateboarders were chosen to take a skatecation in California to hang with the Dwindle Crew, and skate at Thrasher Double Rock, the Berrics and different street spots with special guest Gary Rogers and other Dwinlde friends. Video featuring Distributor Flow riders:  Keyaki Ike, Ben Weir, Dale Starkie, Jonathan Seiberling, Robbin DeWit.

Skatecation Double Rock on Thrasher Mag

During the Dwindle Skatecation we took our International Flow crew on a road trip to the Bay! Checkout the latest Double Rock Skatecation Edition with Robbin De Wit, Ben Weir, Dale Starkie, Jonathan Seiberling, and  Keyaki Ike.