Max Geronzi NEW PRO for Almost Skateboards

We love Max, he’s been a part of the family for a long time and his friendship with Youness goes way back. I have always been a big fan of his skating, whether he’s on a regular deck or one from the 80’s with no nose and flat as hell concave, Max makes everything look effortless with style for miles! An amazing human on and off his board, we’re proud to have him as our newest Pro for Almost and looking forward to the years of fun ahead! Check out his Gronze Island episodes on Thrasher Magazine below and a back to the future part dropping soon…. -Luis Cruz

Cairo's Surprise #ProToFlow retirement party

cairo wanted to retire from pro skateboarding instead of milking dry, but the enjoi crew couldn't let him go without a bang! check out some highlights from his #protoflow part we threw with all our family and friends. special thanks to our friends at adidas skateboarding for helping us throw the party and tricking Cairo into showing up!

cairo foster pro to flow | enjoi skateboarding

It’s with a tip of the hat that cairo foster retired from professional skateboarding. He could have milked it, he could have coasted but he wanted to walk away on his terms. One more reason cairo is a legend. enjoi has proudly sponsored Cairo for over a decade and he will be forever part of the enjoi family. Cairo, you are truly one of the greats!!! Thank you!

cairo’s last pro board for enjoi #protoflow

cairo’s last pro board for enjoi #protoflow

Lucas Puig: Surf's Up | Andalé Bearings

Lucas was stacking clips this summer during his trip to California. Here's a part put together with clips shot by Andalé Cofounder/ Happy Hour Organizer / Beer Drinking Influencer/ Filmer/ All Around Good Guy; Joey Brezinski. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.... Surf's Up.