We Love You Ben


ben raemers

1990 – 2019

i just found out my friend ben passed away this weekend. there are no words to describe the sorrow of losing someone so close. he wasn't a teammate, he wasn't just a friend… he was family. 
i love you and will always miss you ben. 
– louie

Flow Focus: Miles Mckinney Full Part / Westside Skate Shop

Check out Dwindle flow rider Miles Mckinney's part. @milesmckinney
Sponsors: Darkstar Skateboards, Andale Bearings, DC shoes, Glassy Sunhaters, Silver trucks, Autobahn wheels, Westside Skateshop.
Hometown: Palm Harbor, Florida

New Andale Swiss Pro Rated Bearings!

Andale Bearings just released a New Swiss Pro Rated Bearing Kit. You have to try these bearings to truly appreciate how fast and smooth they are! Check out some tech specs in this animation they just dropped.