Dwindle Digital dumpster Dropbox How-to & Tips 

Social media images, product images, print ads, videos, web banners, and other digital assets are now easier to grab and use for your sales and marketing needs!


Guest Login: 

For more web browser features, search, and a better mobile experience feel free to use our guest login.


Email: social@dwindle.com

Password: dwindlefeed

Mobile App


To download full folders as a .zip file, just click "Download" then click "Download as .zip"


When Logged in, right click a folder and click download.

Only When Logged in

Download Multiple Files 

Only when LOGGED IN,  select multiple files by holding the Command key (⌘) and clicking on each file (or shift to select a group of files.) Then click download.



Only when LOGGED IN, the search bar is available on the top right. Try searching for brand, pro name, or product number.

Mobile APP Tips

For full mobile capability, download the dropbox app using the links below. 

You can either use your own login to view our "Digital Dumpster" folder in the app or you can use our guest login using the details below:

email: social@dwindle.com
assword: dwindlefeed

Open in App

Once you have the app, visit the dropbox using your web browser
and click "OPEN IN APP" 

Saving Files To Phone

Click the ellipsis at the top right of the screen, click "Export", then click "Save Image." The image or video will be saved to your photos app, ready to post on social media.

Add Home Screen app icon for quick access when logged into personal account

If you choose to use your own dropbox login, the files wont be stored in your dropbox. 

To quickly access the dwindle dropbox, you can add the web url to your home screen. 

Then you will be able to launch the shortcut and click "OPEN IN APP" to view the dwindle dropbox within the app using your own login.