In 1991 fellow pro skater steve rocco, who founded world industries skateboards, approached Natas Kaupas about starting his own brand. Kaupas left SMA and began 101 skateboards. The company would become and outlet for Kaupas to employ his graphic and artistic talents. 101 was known for its influential videos in the early 1990's. During the six to seven years that 101 was around for, the team was comprised of heavy hitters including Natas Kaupas, Gabriel Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Adam McNAtt, Clyde Singleton, Gino Iannucci, Jason Dill, Kris Markovich, Andy Stone, Leigh Peterson, and Marcus McBride.

101 Skateboards Original Print Ads 1991 Heritage by dwindle distribution
101 Skateboards Falling Down Video - Gabriel Rodriguez part 1993
101 skateboards
Dwindle Distribution Heritage 101 skateboards reissues Gabriel Rodriguez Jesus Natas Kaupas Devil Worship
Gabriel Rodriguez Jesus, Available silkscreened and heat transfer on original shape 9.62 in x 31.5 in wb- 13.75
Natas Devil Worship Available Silkscreened and heat transfer on original shap 9.83 in x 31.9 in wb-14.64
Catching up with Gabriel Rodriguez - 101 skateboards Heritage by dwindle distribution
It's not exactly easy to follow in the footsteps of Marc Mckee, but hey, you do the best that your can. It was and honor to be asked to do these tributes, but fucking terrifying just the same. Sean Cliver
Lucas Puig Virgin Mary Available in two shapes 8.0 in x 31.7 in wb- 14.25 and directional 8.5 in x 32.2 in wb- 14 .25
Sammy Winter Satan Available in two shapes 8.25 in x 31.7 in wb- 14.25 and directional 8.265 in x 32 in wb- 14.25